There are signs for leaky ductwork systems

I had noticed that the air quality at the dwelling was reduced with each day… I found an open window in the lounge section & thought that was the problem.

Several days after that, I was still facing the same drawback.

With that came more complications, including water puddles located near the electric heat pump. I also noticed that the appliance would make unusual noises while on. The temperature regulator stopped working. It would display the wrong reading, which confused everybody. The vents would rattle whenever the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance was actually running. I changed the A/C filters & even updated them to HEPA filters to ensure they trap all pollutants. Of course, the issue was only half solved. When I could not take it anymore, I called the AC appliance supplier & tied up an appointment with the AC professional. The quality A/C service revealed a leaky HVAC duct. Since the A/C appliance setup, I never had any cooling expert inspect the vents, which is totally beneficial for any unit, even the commercial AC appliance. They found some condensation caused by the sizzling weather plus poor insulation. The professionals worked on the vents, using a water-based mastic duct sealant in order to seal the ducts. They are the most superb as they wash up properly & last long. The techs showed me how to apply the sealant with a paintbrush. The AC appliance professionals advised on the frequency of changing the filters & checking the ducts to be certain the equipment functions optimally & is as efficient as a modern HVAC appliance install. Summer has been pretty nice so far, & my dwelling has excellent indoor comfort that all my guests compliment when they visit us. Another way to truly check a leaky duct is by putting your hand over the vents. There is an air leak if you feel the air pushing against your hand.

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