There were a few things that bothered me before buying the house

Upon inspecting the new home before we purchased it, there were only a few things that really bothered me.

The first thing was the HVAC system didn’t seem to be taken care of very well over the years, but it was old anyway.

The second thing was that most of the ceiling fans were missing the blades! When I asked where the blades were, nobody could answer that question. I made a request for the sellers to either provide the missing blades for the ceiling fans or purchase new ceiling fans. I thought it was important to have those fans to keep everybody comfortable in my home. So the sellers ended up buying new blades for the ceiling fans and had those hooked up before we moved in. I also wanted them to reduce the sale price of the house to accommodate for a new HVAC installation. I explained that the HVAC was very old and I shouldn’t have to buy a brand new HVAC on my own. We actually negotiated and we both ended up willing to cover half of the expense for a new HVAC, which to me was actually better than nothing. The first thing I did after moving in was have the new HVAC system installed. It’s a very nice central HVAC system which is highly energy efficient. So far I’m very pleased with it. I also appreciate using the ceiling fans all the time. I would have loved having new ones installed, but the old ones work just fine. I mostly just use the ceiling fans when I feel hot in the house with minimal air conditioning to save on the energy bills.


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