They are costing me a lot in AC

I am in the process of getting home office cabinets in addition to countertops installed, however right now I am stuck on cabinets.

I can’t have countertop people measure until our cabinets are in in addition to level; The guys keep messing things up.

The cabinets never seem to be perfectly level. I also noticed that I wanted angled corner cabinets with glass fronts in addition to they aren’t! My lazy sUnited Statesn inside is genuinely too small for the outside dimensions. There is a lot of nit picky stuff that needs to change, what odors is that the women that come in in addition to out of our apartment aren’t great. They really love to leave our home office door wide open while they work. I get it, it is easier to walk in in addition to out with the door open. They don’t want to open in addition to close while carrying heavy cabinets… Periodically they are just resting around in our home office talking with the door open. Why does that matter? Well our AC is pumping steadily while the door is open, however all our cool air conditioning I am paying for is being wasted. They are costing me more money with how they are treating our cooling system. I have thought about turning it off in addition to just letting the apartment heat up. Why am I providing a cool working environment for them? They really don’t deserve to have superior air conditioning if they don’t treat our home right. The concern is that I labor from home in addition to want AC in our office. I don’t have a zone control idea at this point.
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