They did a beautiful job with our deck construction.

My spouse had been wanting a modern deck put on the back of our home ever since both of us obtained the site, and i had to admit that the existing deck looked terrible, because it had been hand built by a man who knew nothing about woodworking.

It wasn’t even functional because you couldn’t put a grill, table, or chairs on the deck, then the people I was with and I knew exactly what both of us wanted with the deck, & the only way to have it done right was by having a business do it.

The people I was with and I wanted the modern deck construction to include 2 levels. There had to be room for seating for at least twelve, & a built-in BBQ that included an outdoor living room. The people I was with and I wanted an area that was private, with comfy seats & a view of the sky. The people I was with and I also wanted to have a small arbor with wisteria trailing along the edges. This was to be the deck both of us always dreamed about for our dream home, & both of us weren’t thinking about expense. The people I was with and I hired a business who said he specialized in deck construction & showed him the redprints both of us came up with! He whistled when he added up the costs, although he said he could do the deck construction without a problem. It took him almost a month to do the construction both of us talked about, however when he was done, both of us couldn’t have been happier. The deck construction was perfect, & both of us knew both of us had a deck that would last for the rest of our lives. The people I was with and I couldn’t wait for our first celebration where both of us could show off our modern deck.

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