They said it was easier to repair than diagnose.

I knew there was a problem with our furnace, but I couldn’t even tell them what. I did not know, except we weren’t getting the right amount of heat from the air vents. I tried to tell them this, but it didn’t sound right when I said it. The HVAC technician told me he would come over and diagnose the furnace, but it would probably be easier to fix than diagnose. I was afraid that if it was as bad as I thought it may be, the furnace may be broken to where it needed to be replaced . I didn’t know if I trusted an HVAC technician who told me a furnace was easier to fix than diagnose. That tells me he may guess and make repairs that aren’t necessary. This could be very expensive for me, and it may still not be enough to fix the problem. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I had to tell the HVAC company. There wasn’t enough airflow to get the heat to the entire house, and it was making a whistling noise. I called the HVAC company to tell them this before the HVAC technician arrived. I didn’t want the HVAC technician doing a repair before he could do a proper diagnosis. With this extra information, the diagnosis may become easier than the repair, instead of the other way around. I just know I need to have a furnace that works, without a lot of extra expense, and I want it before the temperature drops even more. I don’t think it was too much to ask.



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