They turned off the basement light, and I couldn't find my glasses.

When I’m doing close work, I often remove my glasses.

I took them off when I was lying on the floor working on a furnace.

I was in a tiny furnace room that had my legs cramping, and I had to put my glasses inside the cupboard where the people kept their service records. I was just about done with the furnace repair when the basement lights went off. I couldn’t get to my glasses, because I couldn’t see to move. I tried yelling out, but no one answered, and then I heard a car pull away. Luckily, I could reach my phone, and I hit the button that directed me to the HVAC company. When Linda picked up the phone, I was almost in tears; I felt so relieved. I told her what happened and asked for her to try calling the customers. I couldn’t move until they turned the lights on in the basement. It was so dark that even if I could reach for my glasses, they would not do me any good. Ten minutes later, Linda called back and said she got in touch with the customers, and they were apologetic. They forgot the HVAC technician was in the basement repairing the furnace when they remembered their daughter had a doctor’s appointment. Her husband was going to return to the house, turn on the lights, and rescue me from the basement and furnace room. If I had been the first one they did this too, I would feel a lot worse than I did, but apparently, I wasn’t the only HVAC technician that had been left alone in the dark with their furnace.