This was my favorite film that I have ever made

I write screenplays and occasionally create documentaries, but this past year we made a documentary that I had worked on really hard.

I based the documentary on the cooling industry.

We followed the most successful air conditioner company in the country around, and my team and I put in hundreds of hours following the professionals at this HVAC company. We accompanied the air conditioner workers to their offsite jobs. We saw how they interacted with clients. We would accompany them to Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade jobs. These jobs were the most difficult of all of the jobs that they did. In our opinion, anyway. We spoke to the air conditioner provider about the quality of their A/C units, too. We even filmed the temperature controls, how they were used, and the different types and brands that were available at that point. The HVAC technician would always confirm the appointments before we left the HVAC office in order to save everyone time. We had some issues, but the documentary was taking shape. I think that one of the reasons this HVAC supplier was so popular was because of the quality of the HVAC services they offered. They even had a manual they shared with the buyer that illustrated the air conditioner repairs and Heating and Air Conditioning repair steps in detail. These guys also had the best systems in the HVAC supply business, like a ductless mini split A/C system. That got them some really high-end clients. To witness how much this company had grown was an honor to me as a filmmaker. I loved learning more about air conditioners while actually working on this documentary.
Quality heating and cooling