This was my first time experiencing radiant floor heating

I recall the first time our dad took us on our first skiing vacation.

We had grown up seeing adverts on TV about the most magnificent and magical lands.

People would float effortlessly on the slopes covered with thick snow. My brother and I would ask dad each year to please take us on such a trip. We lived in a hot climate and rarely ever saw snow. Dad said one day he would. Eventually, we stopped asking, but he never forgot it. One morning we woke up to a small package in the kitchen and in it was a brochure of the most beautiful ski resort. A week later, we were on a plane and landed in white paradise. It’s at this resort that I had my first experience of radiant floor heating. The resort had installed radiant heating everywhere including the reception area, restaurant and rooms. We could walk around without any socks since the temperature was just perfect. Outside, I had the best time ever learning how to ski and this became something we did as a family each year until we graduated college. Last year, I was planning to do some renovations in my house and thought back to that first radiant heating experience. This prompted me to ask my Heating and AC expert about this heating system. She was quite helpful and said it was a great way to save on energy. The only issue is radiant floor heating isn’t cheap. I plan on installing it, but first I have to reach my savings target. I live up north and I know having radiant heating in my house will make winters much more bearable.



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