Three More Hours Till The Bonfire

I am so excited about having a bonfire I just can’t wait to light that match. I just like to burn stuff for some reason. I was like this as a child & truly made 1000 fires in my gram’s outdoor fireplace when I was residing up north at our lake house. All of us used to burn everything; cans, bottles, each other. I caught my hair on fire one time while messing with fire & had to get all of my hair chop off because it made it all frizzy & curly. Now I like to keep my fires more contained in a nice fireplace or bonfire pit & keep my hair. I would like to get a gas fireplace one morning so I can just push a button & the flames come on. They have those ones that have the flames coming up from the rocks & I may just buy one of them when I go back beach apartment overseas. I would like to just get a fireplace installed in my flat although I don’t think my landlord would be so keen on the idea. She is an Heating & Air Conditioning company owner & enjoys to use the normal electric heat pump to heat the apartment to avoid the chance of a fire in the building. I think if both of us come up with an alternative plan she may like it. I like the plan of a gas fireplace because there is no danger of a fire because it is all self contained inside a glass door with metal walls. I’ll run it by him when I’m back.


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