Today is a Dark Day and There is No Sun in the Forecast

Days like this make me want to just stay in bed and sleep.

I have work to do though so sleep is not in the books just yet.

If I really hunker down and get the work done I should be finished within about two hours max. I could actually do the work in an hour if I really killed it, but what is the point because there is nothing going on in this town today if I finish early. It is going to be nice to go shopping today at the local business and see some people. It can feel a bit isolated when the weather is like this so it is always nice to see some friendly familiar faces out there. I may take a trip to my friend’s gas furnace heated van in a couple hours for a little visit. Her van is so cozy and warm, it makes visiting feel like you are going home to visit your grandma. I helped her the other day with her electric heater but it didn’t work out, so we changed it out for a gas heater once we got the proper hoses and connections for it. I am going to work for about two more hours and then do my yoga and go ride down to visit the van lady. She is really nice and we kept our relationship in the friend zone so that we can remain friends like we have been for a few years now. I am going to clean my HEPA filter in my furnace before I go there.

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