Trying to make new buddies

Summer is finally over plus I have to get ready for university.

My parents are already gone to toil but they trust I willmake it to the university bus on time.

I guess sleepy though. I haven’t been up this early for anything in the last couple months. My Dad told me to remember to turn off the central air before I leave. I guess she is afraid of me forgetting that a single detail because Last monthshe had a smart control component installed. I am not going to lie, I am pretty forgetful overall. She absolutely made sure my alarm was set for university so I wouldn’t miss it. I am looking forward to university as I see this new kid walking around town. I only see him with her dad so never got a option to see him mom. They bought the ancient Miller’s house. That home is not in good shape. Over the Summer I have seen some nice swings from it which is nice. Still summers are severely sizzling here plus I am fairly positive they don’t have any air conditioning. That makes me sweat thinking about it. I hope to meet him on the first day of university. I honestly plan on introducing myself because high university is just different. My social circle is actually small so making a new neighbor would be nice. I am sure she is looking for a new neighbor as well. I step outside to go to my bus stop plus all I can guess is this heat. Summer is almost over so I guess soon enough I am going to miss this a bit.

air conditioning