Trying to stick to exercise plan

So many times in my life, have I told myself that this will be it, I will finally stick to my plan this time.

But again and again I will fail to meet my expectations.

Procrastination is just the easier option, and I don’t even try to procrastinate, it just happens. Anyways, I knew I needed something to remind me to stop putting it off. I downloaded an app on my phone that rang an alarm whenever it was time to do something. I made sure I was unable to turn off the alarm until the action I needed to complete was said and done. That way, I would have no choice but to do exactly what I needed to do. Although there were sometimes that it was just tempting to throw my phone out the window, alarm and all, I knew that wasn’t the good thing to do. My plan is exercising, and I already have my own home gym. The most recent addition to my home gym is a ductless air conditioner. My central HVAC doesn’t work so well anymore, and cooling is a bit difficult for it. This doesn’t bother me that much, since I can handle uncomfortable temperatures pretty well. However, that wasn’t going to work in my gym room. So I quickly stopped by a HVAC shop and picked up a mini split ductless air conditioning system. The ductless air conditioner fitted perfectly in my small room, and it has helped keep me motivated by keeping the room cool. It has been a week and I have stuck to my routine, I am hoping that it will stay this way.


air conditioning expert