Turning over apartments to a property management supplier

I own multiple unusual rental properties, each with multiple apartments… I was so gleeful to purchase those properties.

I was sure the investment would rapidly pay for itself and give a good income.

I had plans to continue to buy more properties over the years. However, I soon discovered that handling the needs of the tenants is a aggravating and full-time job, not all of the tenants pay their rent on-time, but they lie about having pets. I was originally mowing the laws at all of the properties. The yard would be littered with toys, trash, pet poop and grass furniture. I’d spend more time picking up after the tenants than absolutely mowing the shrubbery. I was getting constant iPhone calls for deranged complaints. I had a occupant tell me that a light fixture was broken and needed to be updated… When I went over there and evaluated, I discovered that the lightbulb was blown out. I have a job above and beyond serving as a property owner. I labor five days per week from 9 to five; Spending my mornings and weekends running around taking care of the rental properties was seriously aggravating. I finally turned the whole responsibility over to a property management dealer. It has been such a relief. I labor with a single agent who takes care of renting the apartments, collecting rents, complaints and repairs. She hires professionals to service troubles with the plumbing, electric, heating or cooling. She provides a buffer between the tenants and myself; Although the fees of the property management supplier chop into my profits, the convenience is totally worth it.

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