Walking to work to save money

In the fall time of the year I always like to walk to work since I don’t live too far.

The reason I like to walk to work is because this time of the year we have the greatest air quality around.

It is like fresh mountain air type air quality. The kind that if you have a whole home air purification system you will not need to use it. The brisk walk to work in the morning really refreshes me good because of the wonderful air quality. Air quality is very important to have a good quality of life. Always think, quality of life and air quality. The two words with quality in it. They go together. Walking home from work is even nice in the afternoon. There still is that cool breeze that allows you to enjoy the wonderful air quality that we have around here. In the summer months of the year though and even in the spring I do not walk to work. Because those times of the year the air quality dips down a bit and also you start dealing with hot temperatures. At that time of the year all you really want is air conditioning and maybe some whole home air purification system if you have one. If not you sometimes will want to buy a portable air purification system because the air quality is not so nice like mountain air at those times of the year. But in the fall time of year I will always end up walking to and from work because of the great air quality that surrounds us.

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