Watching my husband working on the HVAC maintenance on our system

We have had issues with our HVAC unit recently.

  • We have found water paddles near the vents, and sometimes, the HVAC system malfunctions.

It is only seven years old, so we do not understand why we keep booking the HVAC repairman for repairs. My husband had been away getting investors for his new HVAC business. When I could not get hold of our HVAC provider, I decided to wait for my husband, who would return in a few days. My husband and his colleague had purchased the new HVAC equipment and did the HVAC installation independently. It had been good so far and helped with indoor comfort until a month ago. The thermostat, however, maintained its optimal function. When my husband finally returned, he called his friend, an HVAC professional, to help him run comprehensive HVAC maintenance. After an hour of assessing the system, they finally established the problem. It was a minor but sensitive part that had come off due to rust. To replace the component would be affordable if we opted for the most common HVAC brand, but since we wanted a long-lasting solution, we purchased a part with the new HVAC technology. The new component made the system into a quality HVAC system. Watching my husband look through the system in search of the issue made me appreciate him even more. He deserved all the help he was receiving from his business network. The business he built would soon become a significant player in the market because of his work ethic. In his 16 years of employment, he learned a lot about the industry and what strategies to use to win.



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