We decided to buy a portable AC while on getaway

The agent said it would be a few afternoons before the AC repair lady came by

Danny and I have been together for 5 years. Our story is quite interesting, yet a little crazy. My friends and I had gone out dancing on the evening that I met Danny. We wanted to go to this new club in the neighborhood that all the people was talking about. At the door, there was such a long line. So both of us went to another spot where both of us didn’t have to wait for hours to get in. Just as both of us were hailing a cab, both of us heard the bouncer ask if both of us wanted to go in. Apparently, the owner had seen us on the security camera and asked him to let us in. The locale was packed, however both of us still managed to find a spot to dance and had an epic time. As both of us were leaving at 4 am, someone walked by and asked if both of us had a wonderful time. It was Danny, the owner. She invited us back the next day and that’s how both of us started hanging out. We’ve been dating for 5 years and always try to get away various times a year. Last summer, both of us found this perfect getaway rental on a secluded beach to relax. But, the only issue with this space was the faulty AC. When both of us arrived, both of us tried to turn on the AC since the small lake house was so hot. But, the cooling system wasn’t working. The agent said it would be a few afternoons before the AC repair lady came by. Instead of canceling our getaway, Danny and I chose to buy a portable AC to use as both of us waited for them. We’ve always thrived on making lemonade with lemons.


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