We got a more current ventilation system and it’s amazing

Working over a deep fat fryer comes with a whole lot of negatives.

I would never have one of these things in my apartment, because they cause such a mess as well as generate an ungodly odor.

At labor I don’t have a choice. The restaurant is famous for its french fries. My buddy and I make multiple crazy types of french fried potatoes, including a sweet potato fry which is quite delicious. I must confess that after working in thai kitchen for a couple of years, I have stopped eating any kind of fried food entirely, now they turn my stomach. As poor as the heat can be while standing over the fryer, the worst part is the indoor air conditions in the kitchen. The entire place reeks of grease as well as scorched oil, which is why the bosses put in a new and overpriced current ventilation system to clear the air. I have to say that the current ventilation system makes a lot of difference. The air quality in the family room stinks as fresh as a Summer breeze, even as I am standing right over the deep fat fryer. There has never been air conditioner in the kitchen area, but surprisingly the current ventilation system helps with that, too. By lowering the humidity, eliminating much of the grease as well as smoke it makes the air quality so much more fair that I don’t mind the extra heat. To make sure this never swings, I have been given a current duty – every weekend I have to deeply scrub all the air ducts as well as exhaust vents for the room. Wiping down the greasy inside is not fun, but it’s worth it.



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