We had to find another place to stay for the night

It’s been some time since we went on a road trip as friends. So, Michael, John and I opted to do so last summer. We all had a busy schedule but took a week off work to do this. Michael is going to live abroad permanently, which is why we felt it was time we reconnected. The trip would cover all the places we used to visit as broke college kids. Only now could we afford all those things we desired at that time. We went to John’s G-wagon, which is amazing on all terrains. Our first stop was this amazing seaside area where people go to have parties and relax. We’d booked an AirBnB and got there in the late afternoon to relax before hitting the town. I was the first through the door and noticed the cooling system wasn’t on. I went straight to the thermostat to check if I could turn up the cooling in the house. But, nothing I did could get the cooling system in this house to work. That was a bummer because it was such a hot area so staying without proper air conditioning for 3 days was out of the question. I told Michael and John about the cooling system when they walked into the house. We tried to reach the owner, but no one answered the call. Finally, she got back to us at 7 am and said there was nothing she could do at that time to fix the cooling system. We wanted to have fun, and this wasn’t going to stop us. Instead of arguing, we chose to leave Airbnb and find another place to stay with better air conditioning. The lady had indicated the house had good air conditioning, but she never checked on it before we arrived.
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