We made a film about the HVAC industry

I have worked in the film industry since I was a kid.

It’s been a passion of mine since I knew I could write.

In this job, I write screenplays now. This summer, both of us were getting ready to premiere a documentary. I based the documentary on the cooling industry as well as in identifying the most successful a/c company in the country. I put in hundreds of hours following the professionals at the company; we encouraged the A/C dealers to show us their work so that we could all witness how they worked with their customers. We also would accompany them to Heating as well as Air Conditioning installation works. These works were the most complex as well as actually working of all the other works, in my opinion. Every one of us also spoke with the A/C provider about the quality of the A/C systems that they sold. Then we filmed the control units, how they were used as well as the kinds that were available. The HVAC techs would always confirm with the clients before leaving the office so that they didn’t waste any time. We had some challenges but apart from the challenges, the documentary was taking shape. The HVAC company gave really great service. They even had a manual that they shared with their clients that illustrated the A/C repairs and the Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance steps that their clients could handle all on their own. These guys had the best systems in the company including a multi-split a/c system. These provide excellent air quality. This is something that gained them the high-end buyers. To witness how much this company had grown felt like an honor. I learned lots about air conditioning while we were there filming.


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