Who should I call to work on an old window a/c?

Is it possible to get a window a/c unit fixed? I have never heard of anyone fixing a window a/c, although I would legitimately like to fix up the window a/c. I obtained this legitimately sweet window a/c unit a few years back, & the window a/c has worked legitimately well for our family. I am pretty sure that it was the very best window a/c that money could buy when it 1st came out, & it had a ton of features that made it legitimately nice. Sure, the window a/c could not compare with a central a/c system, however every one of us couldn’t afford a central a/c, & every one of us did not have permission to install a central a/c system. However, for some reason, the window a/c stopped working altogether, & every one of us do not know what to do. I know that almost everyone would legitimately find a modern window a/c, although I do not want to do that. Things are very tight financially right now, & I know that I would not be able to afford to buy as nice a window a/c as I have. If I had to purchase another window a/c, I would legitimately have to buy a cheaper model, & I don’t want to do that. Besides, I know that this window a/c has more life in it. I just need a Heating and Air Conditioning worker that is willing to tune up the window a/c. I don’t even know if it is possible to get my window a/c fixed. Do they still sell parts for the window a/c?

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