Why i moved

I remember about a decade plus a half ago I was living in this current home complex plus I ended up having to call a lawyer to have our lease broken plus get out of there. It was a genuinely hot Summer with deadly temperatures up to one hundred plus fifteen degrees plus the central air conditioner proposal in the current home wasn’t working right. It would hardly even cool the place. It may as well had not even been on! I called for help from the management plus they sent some unquestionably exhausting dirtbag looking girl that was supposed to be their so called heating plus air conditioner specialist up. All this idiot did was walk in the apartment, said “it feels cool in here to me”, walked out plus did nothing! I am not kidding you! I complained plus complained plus I got no resolution. I had to leave that place or I was going to have a heat stroke, so I went to a local hotel to live for about 3 weeks while I called a lawyer to get our lease broken plus find a current place. It was a real hassle having to go to toil everyday while living in a hotel, but what else could I do? Eventually within the 3 weeks I had the lease broken, a current nice place with relaxing heating plus air conditioner plus I also sued the current home complex for all the money I spent living in the hotel plus for all the hell I went through. I will never forget it.
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