Window a/c was all I had

If there is a single thing I don’t miss, it’s when I had nothing but a window a/c to keep me cool in the overheated summer time months, those are days I don’t miss.

  • When I went to college, I was residing in the apartments only a few miles away as well as working a section time task, it was rough.

The apartments weren’t that enjoyable either, as well as that’s because it’s all I could afford. I considered moving on campus, but I heard their heating as well as a/c wasn’t entirely enjoyable either, as well as that was our main complaint with the apartments I was residing in at the time. The cheap apartments usually have window HVAC systems, or wall mounted HVAC systems, both of which are pretty bad. They may be cool 3 feet in front of them, as well as everything else is a different temperature. It was horrible when I had to live in those apartments. Thankfully, the time flew by as well as before I knew it, I was moving out of those horrible little apartments as well as into a much nicer, much bigger, as well as much better a single. The next beach house I chose was not only bigger, but it had central heating as well as a/c, which is much better than window HVAC. If you ever are looking at apartments, I would highly request going with any that have central heating as well as a/c; Because window cooling units just don’t do that much. I am just glad that those days are behind me, as well as that I can choose whatever temperature I want in our apartment, as well as know the central HVAC will swiftly get it there.

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