Window A/C was all I had

If there is one thing I don’t miss, it’s when I had nothing but a window air conditioner to keep me cool in the hot summer months.

Those are days I don’t miss.

When I went to college, I was living in the apartments only a few miles away and working a part time job. It was rough. The apartments weren’t that great either, and that’s because it’s all I could afford. I considered moving on campus, but I heard their heating and air conditioning wasn’t very great either, and that was my main complaint with the apartments I was living in at the time. The cheap apartments usually have window HVAC systems, or wall mounted HVAC systems, both of which are pretty bad. They may be cool three feet in front of them, and everything else is a different temperature. It was horrible when I had to live in those apartments. Thankfully, the time flew by and before I knew it, I was moving out of those horrible little apartments and into a much nicer, much bigger, and much better one. The next apartment I chose was not only bigger, but it had central heating and A/C, which is much better than window HVAC. If you ever are looking at apartments, I would highly suggest going with any that have central heating and A/C. Because window cooling units just don’t do that much. I am just happy that those days are behind me, and that I can choose whatever temperature I want in my apartment, and know the central HVAC will quickly get it there.


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