Wirelss thermostat to the rescue

All the pleading and attention I drew to the cost of air conditioning system our house appeared to be completely unheard by our family.

This air conditioning system issue has been something that I’ve tried to manage since both of us moved here.

Both of us are going into our second summer time season this year and things are going to be weird now. The first few years that both of us lived here, I sort of went with the notion that since there was essentially no heating costs here, let the air conditioning system go, and let it go both of us did; Of course, it was so weird to endure this level of heat and humidity that comes with our new region. It was almost as though both of us needed more cooling just to survive and transition into a summer time that is a brutal, hot beast, and yet last year, I gathered everybody around to try to institute a savings strategy when it came to air conditioning system. And I kept trying to bring it up throughout the Springtime and into the summer. But appreciate I said, nobody was listening. The thermostat was getting yanked around all over the locale which is not great. To have any option of saving on air conditioning system, you have to have a consistent thermostat setting discipline, then my family just can’t seem to pull it together when it comes to that thermostat discipline, so I’m going another way! Last week, the HVAC professionals came out here and installed a smart thermostat, then so this smart thermostat will be taking care of the heating and cooling in this house going forward. But it’s the air conditioning system costs that I need to be rescued from with this smart thermostat. So I’m going to shut off any access to manually override the smart thermostat.


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