Working with our Mom on the new house

I just moved to a small neighborhood with our Mom.

I grew up in the neighborhood with both parents plus the past year has been absolutely strenuous for our father plus I.

I lost our mother to cancer right before the holidays a few years back. Every one of us knew it was coming. She fought strenuous however unfortunately life has other plans for pretty much everyone. At the age of 14 this will be strenuous for myself and others because I’m basically leaving all our friends behind. I think we have text messaging, social media to chat plus gaming however that face to face interaction is gone for now. The move was simple for our father though as he owned his own heating plus cooling business plus pretty much stuck to himself. The home we are moving in though is pretty gutted. Every one of us are going to do the labor together so our Mom can teach myself and others all the ins plus outs of the Heating plus Air Conditioning business. Luckily for us it’s the summertime so we don’t need the gas furnace to work. The baseboard heating isn’t installed currently plus our Mom is thinking of other means of heat. Currently we do have a space gas furnace though however I’m not using that!. The concern is that it’s beautiful outside however it’s absolutely sizzling out, even at evening! Every one of us don’t have any air conditioning till next summer. My Mom is making that the last priority. I understand we want the home ready for winter. I don’t think anything about heating as well as air conditioning however I’m excited I have the perfect guy to teach myself and others for when I grow up!


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