I didn’t become an HVAC tech for the money.

Most people I know are money oriented.

If they can’t make a good living on a job they love, they’ll take a horrible job for the money.

I was asked how much money I make as an HVAC technician. I hated discussing my wages with anyone, but my wife. I really don’t think it is anyone’s business. I love what I am doing, and I can support my family and have fun. Isn’t that all that should matter in life? One of my friends was on a roll about why he took his job. He worked for his father-in-law, and hated every minute of it. He said he made good money, and he and his wife would retire with no money worries. He knew why I was an HVAC, because he and I went to HVAC school together. He still asked me why I continued working as an HVAC technician when there so many better paying jobs out there? There were several people there who worked with him, and I thought he was trying to make me look small. I told him I didn’t become an HVAC technician for the money. I love my job, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I then ask the people standing there if they could say they loved their job. Nearly everyone was looking at the floor, but my friend was looking me in the eye. He told me he used to love his job, but that was when we worked for the same HVAC company. I invited him to come back and work with me again. We had a lot of fun in the HVAC company.


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He sprayed bug killer while I worked on the AC unit.

I’m used to the homeowner following me outside when I am working on their air conditioning.

I know they want to see what I’m doing, and some of them want to make sure I’m not just dawdling. I talk to them while they’re hanging around, and I’ll answer all of their questions. What I didn’t expect, was for this homeowner to break out the weed and bug killer and start spraying it while I was working on his air conditioning. I knew he was spraying, because I could smell it and it was making me dizzy. When he got close enough I could see the spray coming nearer to the air conditioning, I stopped working. I didn’t want that stuff getting on my skin, and he was spraying the weeds that were encroaching on the air conditioning unit. I closed the air conditioning unit up, and moved away from it. He asked if I was done with the repair, and I told him no. I wasn’t going to work if he was going to spray for bugs and weeds where I was working. He tried to tell me it was harmless unless I got it on my skin, but I was already woozy from smelling the stuff. I called the HVAC company and told them what was going and asked if I could quit the job until the owner was done with the spraying. The owner of the HVAC company told me to stop working and come back to the shop. He was going to deal with the homeowner, but first he wanted me safe.

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I thought being an HVAC should be more fun.

I don’t know if I was enamored with going to school to be an HVAC tech, or excited to show off my skills as an HVAC technician.

  • I had been working with my dad for almost five years before I went to school, got my HVAC certification and officially became an HVAC technician.

I had a lot of fun working with my dad, and I enjoyed showing off my skills while in school, but I thought being an HVAC technician should be more fun. I didn’t think i would get bored with the job, but I did. I was no longer working with my father, but working as an apprentice in my instructor’s HVAC company. There wasn’t day that went by when I wondered how dad was doing, and wanted to stay in bed and not go to bed. My wife wasn’t happy with my reluctance to go to work, and she was constantly telling me I was going to be late. One morning, she asked why I hated being an HVAC tech so much. She knew I loved the job, but I seemed to have lost something. I told her I loved being an HVAC technician, but I wanted to work with my dad. I knew no one at this company, and they treated me like an apprentice. She reminded me I was an apprentice, even if I did know just as much as they did. When she also reminded me this apprenticeship only last six months and then I could work for my dad, I knew it was time to go to work and get over myself.


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He was so cute in his HVAC uniform.

We made the partnership work for the first ten years he was an HVAC technician.

At the age of 33, my husband decided he didn’t want to be a white collar employee anymore. He gave us his job in a law firm and went to school to become an HVAC technician. I was proud of him for following his dream. He used to tell me he wanted to be an HVAC technician when he was little, but his father wanted him to be better than he was. He sent him to college, and when my husband prove to be an excellent stupid, he went on to law school. My husband is an amazing lawyer, but he still wanted to be an HVAC technician. I thought he looked so cute in his HVAC uniform, but I wondered if he wanted to still be a lawyer. I met him in law school. I wanted to put an office in our house, and even if he wasn’t full partner, I could do all my law work at home, and he could be my silent partner. We made the partnership work for the first ten years he was an HVAC technician. He came home one afternoon and asked if I could handle the clients we had on my own? I knew I could, but I wanted to know why. When he told me he had the opportunity to buy the HVAC company, I knew he was finally happy. He had spent time working with his dad, and he going to be the new owner of his father’s HVAC company. I was now the proud owner of a one lawyer firm that kept me busier than when our boys were infants.


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The AC was louder than the helicopter.

We live close to the local trauma center, and there are always helicopters going by.

  • I never thought I would say I was used to the sound of helicopters flying over my house, but I am.

Neither my husband nor I notice the helicopters much, unless we are trying to listen to something on television. Last week, I could hear my air conditioning unit running, and it overshadowed the helicopter that was flying over. I knew there was a problem with the AC unit when it drowned out the helicopter. I called the HVAC company and told them my air conditioning unit was making a hellacious noise. He asked what kind of noise it was. I told him it was the kind of noise that was loud enough to drown out the helicopter. He had an HVAC technician to the house that afternoon. The first thing the HVAC technician commented on was the helicopter. He asked if the noise didn’t bother us. I told him we got used to the train, the church, and the fire company. The helicopters weren’t much different. When he came back inside after looking at the air conditioning unit, he said we needed new fan blades. Something had caused them to bend and break. He didn’t know what it was, but possibly whoever had cleaned the air conditioning unit, had been too rough with the fan blades. My husband was quietly and quickly leaving the kitchen. The HVAC technician bit his lip and asked if my husband was the resident handyman, and all I could do was smile.
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Why would you need your furnace repaired now?

He understood where I was coming from and told me he could have an HVAC technician to the house in three days.

I don’t why, but I had a feeling I needed to call the HVAC company and have my furnace repaired now. I knew it was summer. I had lived in this area my entire life. There was something about how the furnace acted right before we shut it off for the season. It was bugging me, and I wanted to know what was wrong. If I needed a new furnace, I wanted to be aware of it before winter arrived again. When I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted the furnace repaired, the dispatcher seemed hesitant. He asked why I would need the furnace repaired now, and not wait until I had it serviced. I told him about my concerns and how I was worried I may need a new furnace. With a little heads-up, I should have the money for a new furnace before it was needed. I would have plenty of time to choose the heating system I wanted instead of choosing something because it was a necessity. He understood where I was coming from and told me he could have an HVAC technician to the house in three days. He would call me as soon as he was sure of the time and which technician would be available. I appreciated his promptness and told him I would be expecting his call. Three days later, I knew my feelings were grounded and sound. I was going to need a new furnace this year, and I would be rushing to find a new one if I had waited until I called to have the furnace serviced.

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Toto latched on to the HVAC tech’s pant leg.

I love my Toto.

He was the most interesting pet I have ever owned.

Toto is getting older now. His whiskers are gray, and he likes to sleep more than he ever had. I can hear him prowling around at night, but not as much as he once did. I remember when my dad brought him home to me. He was going to be euthanized, but dad thought I would get a charge out of him. I brought Toto with me when I went to school, and he still lives with me. Last week, the HVAC technician was at the house. I had Toto in his cage, and he was in the backyard. The HVAC technician saw him, but since he was in his cage, he said nothing. I’m sure if I left the cage unlatched, or if Toto figured out how to unlatch it, but I heard the HVAC scream. I walked out and Toto was hanging onto the HVAC tech’s pant leg. I tried to get him to leave him alone, but Toto was persistent. I thought he was going to bite me when I tried to pull him loose. The HVAC tech told me the rat was a menace and deadly, but I knew better. Rats are better pets than dogs or cats, and they were smart. Maybe Toto didn’t like the HVAC technician or maybe he was trying to play, but I had to get him away from him. The poor HVAC tech would probably have nightmares about rats when I realized Toto had bit right into his leg. I would have nightmares about the doctor’s bill, because I had to call the HVAC company and explain how it happened.

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The HVAC tech hated animals.

I have this cute pair of chihuahua twin puppies.

They are the sweetest little things, and I adore them.

I think it’s adorable when they run around my legs, and I never yell at them when they hop on the table and try to eat from my plate. My friend’s don’t all agree with how much I let them get away with, but they are my babies. Last week, the HVAC technician was at the house. I wanted him to work on the air conditioning unit. He came in to let me know he was there, and I could see the look on his face when my babies started yapping at him. I told him they were puppies, but he backed away from them. I tried to get the HVAC technician to talk to them, but he said no thank you. When he went out to look at the air conditioning unit, my puppies followed him. He came up to the door and asked if I knew the rules about dogs being tied or kenneled while he was there? I told him I didn’t know it was a rule, but I was not going to tie up my babies, and I didn’t have kennels for them. He was rude and told me to get them away from he or he was not going to continue working on my air conditioning unit. I was sure the HVAC hated animals, or he wouldn’t have been so mean to my babies.


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I refused to let the HVAC technician alone.

I have this thing about strangers being in my house.

  • I knew he was an HVAC technician, and he worked for the local HVAC company, but I didn’t want to leave him alone in our home.

When he was working on the air conditioning unit, I sat in the backyard and watched every move he made. He asked to use our bathroom and I waited outside the door for him to get finished. I think this all comes from a time when I was still living with my parents. My father’s heat medicine disappeared when a repairman had come to the house. Mom wanted to call the company and have him arrested, but dad said no. He was sure the man would return them. Two hours later, the repairman returned and said he had accidentally picked them up when he was picking up his tools. Dad just nodded and thanked him for returning them. He stared the man in the eye and walked him to the door. If someone could steal heart medicine while doing repairs at a house, what else would they steal. I didn’t want to find out. I didn’t care who it was, including the HVAC technician. When they come to my house, they better be prepared to be closely watched and followed while they are are my house. Last month, the HVAC tech I followed to the bathroom, was back to do some work on our air conditioning unit. He looked at me and called me Sir. He told me he promised not to steal or break anything, but he needed a bit of breathing room when working on the air conditioning.

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Vacationing is hard when you’re an HVAC tech.

I love to go on vacation and see different parts of our country.

Unfortunately, ever since I have become an Hvac technician, vacationing has become difficult.

I’m not saying I don’t get to go on vacation, but when I’m away, I am always assessing the HVAC system of wherever we are staying. My wife got angry with me when I told her the air conditioning unit in our air BNB needed a boost from some coolant. It also needed a good cleaning. She refused to let me talk to the owner and tell her about the problem. She actually threatened me if I offered to check the air conditioning out. Two days later, when the air conditioning failed, I looked at her and asked if she didn’t wish I had talked to the owner, now? She walked away from me and wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the day. I’m not sure if I even want to go on vacation, unless it is to go camping. If we were to go camping, there is no electricity, so there is no HVAC around, but my wife hates camping. Her idea of camping is going to a hotel that overlooks the ocean. Last month, I found a treehouse out in the middle of nowhere. It boasted heat, air conditioning, running water, and electricity. I couldn’t wait to take her there for a week. We weren’t in the treehouse ten minutes when she turned to talk to me. She wanted to know if I thought the HVAC system was okay, before we unpacked? I said nothing.


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My friends convinced me to join them for a sustainable home expo and I fell in love with hybrid heating

Apart from knowing my house has heating and that the property manager ensures that the heater stays running by handling heater maintenance, I have never been interested in the heating business.

My friends were working at a company concerned with promoting sustainable consumption, so they knew about many industries.

They had an event planned by a heating dealership where they were showcasing sustainable heat and AC product development. I was not interested in learning about heater/furnace installation, but they always attended my events, and I couldn’t let them down. As I expected, it was boring for a person with little interest in the industry. I saw a stand with the words furnace, another with hydronic heating, and another that was all about boilers which made me remember my parents calling the HVAC repairman in the middle of the night for urgent boiler repair. I walked through several HVAC maintenance and heard nothing, but I finally found something worth my interest in the hybrid heating system. I loved everything about how it worked and made the entire event make sense. I stuck around for the presentation about how it worked and how it could save energy and ensure environmental sustainability. I asked questions about its installation and how it would switch between the two systems it worked with. What I found confusing was how the purchase cost was higher than all the other equipment, yet they called it a cost-saving option. I went into the math of it and had the experts explain how the energy savings over the years would cover the cost of buying the equipment while the other options would only incur energy bills for the homeowner.
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Investing in green heating for environmental responsibility and our own energy saving efforts

When a simple boiler repair could not resurrect our oil boiler, we knew it was time to find a new heating solution.

We did a little research and fantasized about how excellent hydronic heating would be because we’d have heated floors.

However, we couldn’t have it in our house based on the cons listed on the many pages we read. We thought we’d avoid involving a heat and AC product expert in our initial search, but after narrowing down and making a list of what we preferred, we needed a heater technician. The HVAC repairman we’d always called for heater maintenance for our boiler was the easiest to reach, and knowing that he worked at the local heating business meant that we’d not only get help with furnace/heater installation. As we expected, we got input on what to install, and the best option was a hybrid heating system that would use a furnace and heat pump combination. The HVAC maintenance expert mentioned that it was considered a green option because we’d be using less fuel on it, and the energy saving would be substantial enough for us to save some money. The only downside was the cost of purchasing the equipment, but we were ready for it, and the heating dealership offered us a discount. We closed the purchase and gave the go-ahead for the replacement to commence. It only took three days to finish, which was okay because we needed it well installed, and it was warm enough to stay without heat. I still don’t get how the new equipment is considered green, but it hasn’t affected the electricity bill. We have yet to complain about it, and the oil-fueled option has barely been on.

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Replacing the old central heating with a hybrid heating system

One of my clients wanted a home improvement to make her house more modern.

They had an old boiler in the basement that needed to be disposed of because boiler repair wouldn’t make it work.

They wanted to make the space a working area, so it needed to be equipped with a heating system. This was my first project where I needed to sort out heater problems. Most of my clients opted to get the heating business sorted by an HVAC expert before involving me, but this client wanted everything handled by one person. I only knew how to do my basic HVAC maintenance and call the HVAC repairman for the more complex parts of it. I needed to know the type of heat and AC product to install for my clients, but I couldn’t do it without involving a heating dealership representative. I figured using the heater maintenance expert who handled furnace servicing for my house would be the best course of action since I knew he did quality work and was based in a furnace/heater installation business. I was right because that made my to-do list easier to handle and tick off things. After assessing the house, the expert recommended a heat pump or a hybrid heating system. The hydronic heating unit was out of the question because it wouldn’t work for the house. We picked the hybrid option because it would include the other included and an oil boiler. It was going to be perfect. We did the rest of the home improvement projects, installed the equipment, and the house was ready for my clients within two weeks. They had gone off for a short holiday and hoped to return to a new home, and that’s what we gave them.

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We bought our bungalow house because we love the hybrid heating system.

Shortly after our wedding, we started house hunting.

We wanted something cozy that we’d love to stay in even after our family grew.

I ignore heating equipment, but my husband is. For every house we viewed, he asked to know more about the type of heater installation and how it was. He needed to know about its HVAC maintenance history if it was older than five years. Soon after, the realtor started taking us to homes with impressive furnace/heater installation. I remember loving the house with heated floors because it had hydronic heating, but the location and size of the kitchen were a deal breaker. Initially, we didn’t want a bungalow, but our realtor was convinced she’d found the house for us. It was a newly built bungalow that fell within our budget. It also had a heat and AC product she was sure would seal the deal for us. My husband was so excited about that house that he left work to come pick me up. We had to be at that house before anyone else saw it and loved it before we did. The house was impressive, and we loved it. It had a heat pump and oil furnace combination, which the realtor called a hybrid heating system. We loved the house, and out of the seven we had seen, it was the only one without a history of heater maintenance. We settled for that house and planned to have an HVAC repairman from the local heating business come to assess the state of the equipment. We were scheduled to meet the heating dealership rep the next day before we closed the deal on the house after he was done with boiler repair within the neighborhood since we only needed him to troubleshoot the equipment. It was perfect.

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Getting our parents a home upgrade with the hybrid heating system

My parent’s house has used a furnace and fireplace for heating for as long as I can remember.

My dad says it’s over 20 years which he’s proud of because it shows how well he handled heater maintenance for all those years to ensure that their furnace/heater installation served them well.

However, The HVAC repairman had become a typical visitor to the house, and we decided we needed to do something for our parents so they’d rest from worrying about the heater problems they were facing. We had six months to work with before it was winter, so we visited the local heating business and had a brief introduction to the heat and AC product catalog they had kept. We had the option of picking from three types of equipment available at the heating dealership, and the best option was hybrid heating. The HVAC maintenance and installation expert explained that it would combine a heat pump and boiler to make it more energy efficient and perfect for my parent’s needs. My sister was a bit worried about the boiler because she’d had her fair share of trouble with boiler repair. She wanted hydronic heating, but the three of us didn’t like it. The experts assured her that the boiler would need less maintenance and would last longer than any other option we were considering. We planned to save for the full equipment purchase and installation amount within four months and have it installed two months before winter started. We were on time, and my parents were comfortable and happy. My father says he can’t believe how relaxed he is about the heat in the house because he’d spent a year worrying they’d not survive another winter. Perfect gift.



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